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Are you busy, successful, and high-achieving but feel like you get in your own way of happiness?  I work with leaders like you to stop (often for the first time in years) to reconnect to their inner wisdom in order to...
- make a more meaningful impact
- live in a state of peace 
- create healthy relationships

Your brain isn't always your friend. You may have found ways to meet your goals but you're finding it isn't sustainable. I get it! It's very human to feel how you're feeling.  You can, indeed, be successful and happy by rewiring your brain and remembering how to tap into your unique voice and wisdom.  


GROUP Coaching pods

The perfect opportunity to get 1:1 coaching while connecting with others doing the same work. 
*Next pods begin the week of
March 6th, 2023.
The two current groups being offered are:

career crossroads

This is the group for you if you...

- Aren't feeling alignment between your personal values & strengths and your work
- Feel like you can't show up authentically in your work
- Are feeling exhausted, cynical or detached
- Think you might be ready for a big change but not sure where to start
- Go back and forth about whether you want to shift careers or not


This is the group for you if you...

- Know you could be so much happier if you could control your thoughts that weigh you down
- Know you could be so much more effective if you could turn down the volume on your inner critic
- Wish you could just train your brain to get out of your own way
Program Details:

  • 7-week commitment
  • Mental fitness app included (a $995 value)
  • 15 minutes/day of app-guided practice to establish mental muscles (neural pathways) in bite-sized chunks

  • Watch 1-hour weekly video (on weekend or Monday)

  • Read 8 chapters of Positive Intelligence book (PDF and audiobook provided)

  • 45-minute weekly Pod meeting with me and other program participants (via Zoom) to discuss progress, next steps and questions

  • Initial 45-minute 1:1 with me to get clear on your goals

  • Program begins on March 6th.  To participate, you must enroll by February 28th.


* DISCOUNT- This program would normally be $1295 but because I'm offering a discounted rate, I'm not able to post publicly.  Just click the "Ask about pricing" button below or send me a quick note to and I'll send those specifics right over!

Self-exploration is messy work.

I provide a safe space and tools so you can create a life and career that belong to you. 



Are you ready to shift...       

  • From hamster wheel to Higher self? 

  • From rigid discipline to curiosity & self-compassion?

  • From constantly striving to powerfully emerging?

  • From scarcity to abundance?

  • From proving yourself to living in alignment?

  • From never-ending to-do lists to investing in what matters?

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