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“Great leaders create culture by design, while average leaders allow culture to evolve by default.”
Mike Myatt


With increasingly complex competing priorities and exponential change, it's both harder and more vital than ever to boldly lead in alignment with your goals and values.

Let's create a plan that gets you there your way, using your  organization's specific and unique value proposition.This may include working with...



  • First-time Leaders
  • Organizational Culture
  • Employee Engagement
  • Team/ Interpersonal Communication
  • Positive Intelligence
  • Generative Conflict
  • Trust Building
  • Psychological Safety
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a 6-month coaching & development program for first time leaders


1:1 Coaching with text & email support
All leadership begins with self-leadership.  Individual coaching with new leaders helps to get them started on the right foot before establishing unhealthy habits.  Competing priorities and organizational inertia make it hard for new leaders to establish their team culture and tap into a leadership style that works for them.  On top of that, they carry the weight of meeting organizational demands while leading team members with compassion and humanity.  Leadership coaching can change a leader's relationship to oneself and to others so that their unique impact is more powerful and sustainable.

customized learning & development
Many leaders are uncomfortable setting expectations, giving and receiving feedback and navigating healthy conflict.  These are learned skills.  Research shows leaders are more often made than born. The leader's toolkit is constantly changing.  Just delegating and holding accountability doesn't cut it anymore.  In this program, new leaders consider their role in creating culture, what impacts employee engagement, the keys to effective communication, generative conflict, psychological safety and more. 

Mental fitness app
This app is for exclusive use of participants in the Positive Intelligence Program, which is based on the New York Times bestselling book of Stanford lecturer Shirzad Chamine.
The Positive Intelligence program raises your PQ (positive intelligence quotient) levels significantly in as little as 6 weeks. Its foundation lies in recognizing and intercepting mental thoughts and habits that sabotage us and activating the part of the brain that is connected to a far more effective and stress-free performance mode.

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