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Hi! I'm Melissa and I love what I do. I left a corporate career in Human Resources and Leadership Development in 2017 to create my own path and I have never been happier.  I'm a certified coach who works 1:1 with clients anywhere in the world.  My love of learning, curiosity and commitment to authenticity have helped me achieve my goals.  I get energized helping people identify and use their strengths to achieve their goals too.  

I love fresh air, beautiful colors, great questions and ideas that are just-so-crazy-they-might-work.  My husband and son are sweet, hilarious and my favorite people in the whole world.  We love cooking, board games, being outside and traveling together.  


I'm the daughter of a strong-willed, hard-working woman

who worked multiple jobs to pay the bills and overcame a lot in her life but did it all with courage and grace.  So when I had a career making great money and managing increasingly big projects, it didn't even occur to me to question it.  In fact, I felt ungrateful when I began to feel unfulfilled.  I knew I came from a long line of women who made great sacrifice for me to be where I am so I thought I owed it to them to just keep pushing.  I have come to understand that I honor their efforts so much more when I show up boldly in my authentic power. And thankfully my risks have given me a life I love more than ever.  

I'm driven by a desire to see the world we can create together when we show up in our authentic power. 

I feel so honored to use my gifts to help build that future - one sacred life at a time. We're in this together.  If you're ready; I'm ready.  Let's do this.   

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