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"I've been working with Melissa for 4 months now and I didn't know I needed a coach until I met her. She is professional, yet very authentic, she brings the best out of you and she is so dedicated to your success! I had a lot of aha moments that propelled me to start living my best life and stop doubting myself. She changed my life and I am so grateful for her. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Melissa to anyone wanting to change their lives, going through a confusing time, or just changing careers.  Thank you so much Melissa!"


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Hi! I'm Melissa and I love what I do. I left a corporate career in Human Resources and Leadership Development in 2017 to create my own path and I have never been happier.  I'm a certified coach who works with individuals, groups and organizations to help you identify what's getting in your way and create a plan to move past it. I create space for you to see yourself more fully so you can make a unique impact wherever you are.  My curiosity, love of learning, and commitment to authenticity are my superpowers.  I get energized helping people identify and use their strengths to achieve their goals too. 

I'm driven by a desire to see the world we can create together when we show up in our authentic power. 

I feel so honored to use my gifts to help build that future - one person at a time. We're in this together.  If you're ready; I'm ready.  Let's do this.   

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​Research-based. Trained in positive psychology, mental fitness and neuro-transformational coaching, I rely on science and my experience to help you overcome obstacles. Love of learning is one of my top strengths and I'm always seeking out new methods and proven techniques that may benefit you.

Holistic. While we'll focus on specific goals, you are a whole person, so we'll dig deeper to make the most sustainable transformation quickly.

Individual & customized to you. This work is all about you as a one-of-a-kind human with individual dreams, experiences, and skills. I help you uncover what's unique about your story, needs and possibilities.

Nonjudgmental. This is the feedback I get most often. My clients feel safe being vulnerable with me because I've been there and I truly want you to succeed. I know you may judge yourself more harshly than anyone else so I can teach you self-compassion as a tool you can take with you for the rest of your life.

I work with a limited number of clients at a time so I can give you my all.

My approach is...

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